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Game Manual

A full guide detailing how to almost everything in Kinacoustic.


Trailers and screenshots of gameplay

What is the game about?

Creating songs in an easy to use sandbox game.

Kinacoustic is a music composition game and a new musical experience. Control all of the “Elements of Music” simply by bouncing Drops off of colored lines that you place. Create any song or melody you imagine. Anybody can create basic or complex songs through a fun and unique gameplay experience. Whether it be your own song, or a song that you like and want to recreate. In Kinacoustic, you can make it. And when you’re done creating your song, whatever it might be, save it and share it with others and they can open it up on their copy of Kinacoustic.

  • Rhythm

    Sometimes refered to as beat, the pace at which notes are being played

  • Pitch

    A,B,C,D,E,F and G notes in seven different octaves all with their sharp flat and natural variants

  • Tone Color

    The type of instrument playing the notes

  • Dynamics

    The volume at which a particular note is being played