FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Kinacoustic?

Kinacoustic is a new musical experience. You can control all of the “Elements of Music” through Kinacoustic’s unique sandbox-style game play. Create any song or melody you imagine. Anybody can create basic or complex songs through a fun and unique game play experience. Whether it be your own song, or a song that you like and want to recreate. In Kinacoustic, you can create it. And when you’re done creating your song whatever it might be, save it and share it with your friends and they can open it up on their copy of Kinacoustic.

When was Kinacoustic released?

May 4th 2016

How much does the game cost?

$10 USD

What kind of instruments are in the game?

We want to have as many instruments as possible.  However getting the rights to put these in a game is a problem.  So we made it a priority to implement mod support so people can use their own sounds and we’re not legally held liable for selling them.  We do however have a near full range of piano notes and the Steam Workshop is still growing with new SoundPacks.

Will Kinacoustic be on Google Play and the Apple App Store?

This is the plan.  If there’s no major problems and people are enjoying the game, we plan on porting it over to mobile.  Of course, there is likely to be some hiccups in that process due to the difference in nature of the platforms but do count on it happening at some point in time.

What is Maithonis Studios?

Maithonis is the name of our development group based in California.  The group consists of Dylan Maithonis (Project Lead / Programmer) and Justin O’Brien (Art / Sound Design).

How can I contact you?

If you have any inquiries or questions about the project Kinacoustic or Maithonis Studios please contact us at: contactus@kinacoustic.com